Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been sick all week and haven't gone to work and the weather folks are predicting snow for this afternoon, followed by more snow on Thursday and Friday. I've been spending all this extra free time working on doll quilts. Well, in between coughing spells, reading, and taking naps.

I'll make a pan of cornbread this morning and then put a pot roast in the oven early in the afternoon, catch up with all the laundry, and wash my hair. I like to be prepared; there's always the possibility of the electric going out. We have plenty of wood for the fireplace and, of course, lots and lots of quilts to keep us warm.

As for the doll quilts, I've finished three, except for the bindings which I hope to do today, begun two more, and have plans for at least one other. I'll put photos up as soon as they're finished. If it snows, there should be plenty of light to get some good photos.


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