Monday, January 28, 2013

January, 2013 Small Quilt of the Month

January is chose-your-own pattern month for the Small Quilt of the Month 2013 challenge.  I went for Broken Dishes from Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy because it's an easy pattern and I'm almost out of time!  I like an alternative setting she showed in her blog better than the quilt in the book and that's what I used. You can find it here.  It helps that it also requires piecing fewer blocks.  

Of course, I used some of my new scraps along with some of my old ones!  Here are some I pulled to audition.  I didn't use them all and added quite a few others.  I'm piecing the blocks now, I've found a good setting fabric for the alternate blocks, and am searching for a good border fabric.  I really, really want to make this quit in time for the deadline so I'd better get busy!  Stay tuned!


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