Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Pinwheel Doll Quilt

The woman who designed and made the pinwheel doll quilt I'm basing my first quilt of 2011 on commented on my post and offered to send me the measurements. I suddenly realized that I have her blog, Quilting with the Past, listed in the sidebar, but because she doesn't use the "favorites" feature I forget to look at it.

I found this post on her blog. In it she talks about Quiltmania #70 and her quilts! Then I found this!

Here's a close up of the entire doll quilt.

Well, mine is different. I guessed correctly that it had six blocks, but mine is not as scrappy and I like the scrappier look more. It looked like she'd used squares in place of some of the pinwheel blocks when I looked at the photo in the magazine, but she hadn't. I think I was fooled into thinking that because her fabrics have larger prints, an idea I really like! I think my quilt is smaller. My blocks are 3" and the sashing blocks are 3/4" which will make for a very small doll quilt. I can see more of these pinwheel doll quilts in my future. Yes! A series!

I've almost finished sewing the top. Because it is so small I am hand piecing it. I will post a photo of the top once I've finished it.


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